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Music Therapy

Home/Clinic Visits

  • Assessment/Re-assessment Visit (60 mins) $180 

  • Therapy/Consultation Visit (50 mins) $150 

  • Therapy/Consultation Visit (30 mins) $130

Billing & Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation Policy - Visits are billed at full price with less than 24hrs notice

  • Payments & Late Payments

  • Visits that go over their allotted time will be billed for additional time

  • Additional travel fees may apply

  • Your account is considered overdue and late if payment is not received within 24-hrs of the appointment and will be charged a late fee of $20. An additional weekly late fee of $20 will be added the account for late payments. Accounts that exceed one month, will be sent to collections. 

  • Future visits will be cancelled until payment is received 

  • Payment Options: Visa | MasterCard | e-transfer

  • Coverages/Funding: Move and Talk Therapy's billing relationship is with you. Should you choose to use health insurance, coverages (i.e. external funding sources) -it is your responsibility to determine and monitor your coverage and to seek reimbursement from your insurer. We can provide general information about insurance coverage but you should consult your insurer for specific details. Payment is required within 24hrs of the delivery of services. And, will be subject to late fees if not paid. Please note, we are a fee-for-service provider. We do not submit documents for reimbursement on your behalf. 

  • Each visit rate is per client. Visit rates may not be shared between clients. 

  • Shine Music and Co: Visits are subject to HST

  • Rates and agreement may change at any time without notice. 

  • Phone calls and emails will be billed as consultation.

  • Admin time: Ten minutes of each session will be used for non-direct contact, admin time by therapist. 

  • Appointments: Therapists will do their best to accommodate scheduling. Visit dates/times can be discussed prior to bookings. 

  • Refunds: Therapists are independent contractors of Move and Therapy and are compensated for their time, which may include material preparation, travel, and providing direct and indirect services.  Refunds are not provided for services already rendered. 

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